Anti Slip Systems


  • The anti-slip mat is characterized by its functional surface and high slippage resistance, guaranteeing maximum safety because it will always stay in place.
  • Thanks to the new design, we are able to produce the AGO-System as a board for in section or an extruded product in a composite structure with substrate.The extruded version presents an interesting
  • alternative and allows us, for example, to manufacture it directly for use as a base for pullouts or drawers.The new type of composition and structure affords the AGO-System sealing properties which
  • prevent any run-out or spilled liquids from seeping through into the drawer box area.
Product Name Size Color Item Code
Top Soft Matt – Studded 1500 x 20 mtr Anthracite colour 001.036.02496
Top Soft Matt – Studded 461 x 20 mtr Anthracite colour 001.036.04214
Top Soft Matt – Studded 473 x 20 mtr Anthracite colour 001.036.04213
Top Soft Matt – Studded 480 x 20 mtr Anthracite colour 001.036.04216
Top Soft Matt – Studded 511 x 20 mtr Anthracite colour 001.036.04215
Top Soft Matt – Studded 473 x 20 mtr Sand Silver colour 001.036.03906
Top Soft Matt – Studded 473 x 20 mtr White colour 001.036.03905
Top Soft Matt – Studded 523 x 20 mtr Anthracite colour 001.036.06160
Product Name Size Color Item Code
Non Slide Studded Matt 850 x 500 x 1.3 mm Anthracite 001.036.00419
Non Slide Studded Matt 1.150 x 500 x 1.3mm Anthracite 001.036.00420

Rubber Deck

Product Name Size Color Item Code
Rubber Deck Slip Matt 500 x 850 x 1.3 mm Grey 001.036.02800
Rubber Deck Slip Matt 500 x1 150 x 1.3 mm Grey 001.036.02799
Anti Skid Sink Matt 600mm x 1400 mm Stainless Steel 001.036.00418
Anti Skid Sink Matt 1200 x 580 x 2,2 mm Stainless Steel 001.036.04349
Non-Slip Matt Ago 500 x 850 mm Fibre Umbra Grey 001.036.05140
Non-Slip Matt Ago 500 x 1150 mm Fibre Umbra Grey 001.036.05141
AGO-hydrophobiert 1200 x 1500 mm Flock Black 001.036.05251

Multipurpose Container Profile 920 mm


  • Ideal Organizer System for lost space in sink cabinets to completely use the space between plumbing, below the sink and above the waste separation systems; also suitable for other base cabinets.
  • Suitable for cabinets with hinged doors as well as with frontmounted doors (side walls of 16 and 19 mm).
  • The Deposito Tilting System comes with anti-slipmat.
Item Discription Multipurpose Container Profile 920 mm End Caps for Multipurpose Profile Hinge Swing out with Soft Close Clamp Profile
Item Code 041.067.04403 041.067.04404 041.067.04405 041.067.04406

Deposito Upper Cabinet Canister System


  • Ideal order in the wall cabinet.
  • Suitable for 4 cabinet widths from 400 to 600 mm.
  • Sets available with 2, 3 or 4 canisters (according to cabinet width).
  • 2 to 4 Deposito canister sets can be installed above each other, depending on cabinet height.
  • Semi-transparent plastic material, suitable for storage of food stuff, gives always an overview about the contents.
  • Sliding lid for a simple dosage.
  • Stable metal holder for an easy side wall mounting.
Item Discription 450 600
Item Code 015.063.00838 015.063.00838
Cabinet width 450 L 600 L
Side walls 16 mm + 19 mm 16 mm + 19 mm
Built-in dimensions 153 x 204 x 418 mm 153 x 204 x 368 mm
Capacity 3 4
Kind of Installation Side wall mounting Side wall mounting
Material Plastic, silver coloured Plastic, silver coloured

Deposito Upper Cabinet Spice Rack System


  • Use of the hinged door in the wall cabinet as storage area for spices, etc.
  • Matching with 4 cabinet widths from 400 to 600 mm.
  • Equipped with 3 stable shelves.
  • The Deposito spice rack is installed just inside onto the hinged door (Also suitable for routered/framed doors –adapters included).
  • Silver-coloured, punched sheet metal combined with graphite grey plastic holders are emphasizing – also in the cabinet.
Item Discription 450 600
Item Code 015.008.02415 015.063.02419
Cabinet width 450 mm 600 L
Built-in dimensions 91 x 485 x 340 mm 91 x 485 x 510 mm
No. of Shelves 3 3
Kind of Installation On hinged door On hinged door
Kind of Installation Side wall mounting Side wall mounting
Material Metal, silver lacquered Metal, silver lacquered



  • Extremely stable and compact.
  • Hassle-free accessibility to high racks and wall cabinets.
  • Wide steps with anti-slip surface.
  • Top design, anodized aluminium extrusion profiles, with graphite grey plastic parts. Just 3.2 kgs weight.
  • May be stowed in any kitchen – in the plinth-area, in the cabinet, in a niche, or even in drawer.
  • Comes with 4 smooth running rolls for easy pull out.
Item Discription
Item Code 015.008.02507
Built-in dimensions w x d x h 406 x 450 x 680 mm
Product dimensions w x d x h 406 x 417 x 380 mm
2 Treads w x d 330 x 200 mm
Stepping Height 190/380 mm
Material Aluminium eloxiert



  • Kitty is an universally usable kitchen help – and much, much more.Functional and with an attractive design.
  • Suitable as storage container, compost collector or utensil tray, in the sink pull-out or on the work top – the box offering thousands of possibilities.
Ideal as storage container or
collector for small and bio waste.
The practical, small plastic
container for many purposes.
Dishwasher-proof, optimal for
By the compact dimensions
Hailo Kitty may be inserted
exactly in the sink pull-out.
Kitty Item Code


Flexible organization for the interior of kitchens.

Cuisio Flex Item Code
Alu – Grey 029.009.02495
White 029.008.01994
Champagne 029.008.01995

Breakfast Table


  • Dekor „Phosphor“
  • Side wall thickness: 16 mm + 19 mm
  • Min. cabinet width reqd.: 600 mm
  • Built-in dimensions: B x T x H, 561 x 800 x 120 mm
  • Table extended: W x L, 521 x 800 mm
  • Continuously extendible
  • Load bearing capacity 100 kg
  • Weight: 11 kg
  • Packed dimensions: W x D x H, 13,5 x 51 x 57,5 cm
Breakfast Table Item Code

Pantry Box


  • For 600 mm wide drawer-cabinets
  • Including Carry-Box (transportable plastic container with handle)
  • Including wooden grid for bakery products and plastic grid for vegetables and fruits
  • Type of installation: for any common standard-drawers in boxed kitchen- and base-cabinets (with sidewall thickness from 16 to 19mm)
  • Nominal depth 500 mm
  • Plastic parts white
  • Product dimensions: W x D x H, 600 x 491 x 232 mm
Pantry Box Item Code

Ago Wipe

Ago Wipe-main
The AGO-Wipe waste collector is distinguished by functional design, superb styling and an attractive range of colours. The space-saving waste collector is a practical solution to any kitchen environment.

Ago Wipe Item Code

Plate rack inox (GTPT)


  • A new solution for pull-out systems, making sure that the plates in your kitchen are always conveniently organised and easy to find. Whatever the plate size, our plate rack can accommodate it! The clearly structured arrangement ensures that the desired plate is always ready to hand.
  • Straight from the dishwasher into the PLATE RACK – no detour via the drying-up cloth here! The PLATE RACK prevents that residual moisture on the plates runs down into the drawers and possibly causes the wood to swell. Available in the sizes 500/60 and 500/90 and in all the standard colours.

Plate rack inox (GTPT)

Width Finish 500/60 500/80 500/90
500mm SS 078.063.03690 078.063.03693 078.063.03696